Akhirnya, Aazief Khalid Dedah Punca Sebenar Putus Cinta Dengan Tyra Kamaruzzaman

Akhirnya, Aazief Khalid Dedah Punca Sebenar Putus Cinta  Tyra Kamaruzzaman

Selepas Tyra Kamaruzzaman meluahkan kekecewaan kerana menjadi mangsa kecaman netizen gara-gara ada yang mendakwa dia berlaku curang dalam percintaan, kini anak tiri Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Aazief Khalid tampil mengesahkan hubungan cinta mereka telah putus.

Meski telah memadam akaun Twitter, namun desakan yang diterima menyebabkan dia tampil mempertahankan diri dan bekas teman wanita.

Malah, lelaki ini turut menjelaskan hal sebenar yang berlaku sehingga menyebabkan perpisahan sejak sebulan lalu.

Hey guys, I’m going to “spill tea” on my ex-girlfriend. This is a thread.

“First and foremost, yes. We’re both single now. We broke up around one month ago. I didn’t want to publicise it, I haven’t really spoken about it to anyone really.

“I deactivated this account, with no intention of coming back, but seeing what’s happening, I have to clarify

“We broke up because mentally, we weren’t in the best of places. It was civil, and barely anyone knew about it. My parents and family found out yesterday.

“How? Because some anonymous account decided to make up stories about my ex cheating on me with her previous ex,” maklumnya.

Tegasnya lagi, punca perpisahan bukanlah disebabkan oleh kecurangan. Malah kedua-duanya masih berhubung sebagai teman.

People close to me, people around me, started to hate Tyra because of some lies being spread about her by someone with no connection to us. Fitnah zaman sekarang memang dahsyat, I hope you guys had fun with all the speculation.

“We didn’t break up because of cheating.

“I still see her often, we work together. She still comes to family events, we’re okay. I never understood people who hate each other after breaking up. I had some of the best years of my life with her, I couldn’t bring myself to hate her. This really is none of your business, but

When my mother calls me asking me if she really cheated, when my dad is blowing up over something that isn’t true, then I have to step in. People are toxic. I have to wake up to all of this nonsense when it isn’t even true.

We are still business partners, we are still friends,” tulisnya optimis.

Tambah Aazief lagi, tiada apa yang perlu didedahkan kerana tidak semua hubungan berjalan lancar.

“I know people want to hear juicy takes on why relationships end, but the truth is there is none. Time, personal issues, it takes its toll on relationships.

“The real truth is, there is no tea to be spilled. Sometimes, things don’t work out.

“None of you have any right to know any of this. But when the nonsense goes to my home, goes to my family, when it has this kind of effect, then I have to clarify.

“Me and Tyra are fine. There is no animosity, no hate. We’re two people who didn’t work out, and that is okay,” ujar Aazief.

Pada masa sama, dia turut simpati kepada bekas teman wanita yang menjadi mangsa fitnah dan memohon agar netizen berhenti menyebarkan tuduhan.

I kesian tengok Tyra kena fitnah macam ni. I faham, there are people that hate her, hate me, but I really didn’t expect it to be so dirty.

“All I ask is that you leave me and her alone. We’re both adults, stop with the accusations. They’re all baseless,” jelasnya.

Oleh yang demikian, kini kedua-dua pihak sudah pun memberikan penjelasan. Diharap tiada lagi tuduhan tidak berasas selepas ini.

Foto : Twitter Aazief Khalid


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